About the Authors

Peter (words)

Peter loves to write words and music. He writes songs, poems and stories and takes inspiration from everything around him including the friendly neighbourhood Stumpy Cat.

Peter loves big cities by day and by night. He also enjoys a nice long by the sea and riding his bike to explore new places.  

Peter grew up in a North East town by the sea and now lives in London.

Harriet (pictures)

Harriet loves pandas, cats, dogs, summer sunshine, cupcakes, comics and silly dancing with her daughter.  

By day, she works in a hospital as a medical photographer, and by night Harriet is an artist and draws lots of pictures from her imagination.  

Harriet has enjoyed drawing and painting since she was a toddler.

Her hobbies include cycling, reading and watching cartoons, and her motto is: stay humble, be kind and work hard, but most importantly, have fun!