Stumpy Cat - A Pawful of String (Paperback)

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Stumpy Cat is the coolest cat in town!

Stumpy Cat is an illustrated tale about a rescue cat from the country who finds himself in a new home in a big city. Stumpy Cat loves to sit up high on a tall tree stump where he dreams of having wild adventures, making new friends and helping them out with his amazing cat skills.

Stumpy Cat is a children’s book aimed at 2-10 year olds. Stumpy Cat fits into the children’s book market alongside other representative titles such as The Gruffalo and Aliens Love Underpants.

Perched high up on his tree stump in a new town. Stumpy Cat drifts into a deep sleep and has an amazing cowboy adventure saving a town in the wild west from the dreaded tumble string! He makes friends with the local sheriff and uses his cat skills to help out the people of the town who are at their wits end and tied up in knots with tumble string.

This gorgeously illustrated tale of a new cat in town with big dreams reminds us of the value of helping others and making new friendships wherever we go.

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With his gingery coat and little pink nose
His tigery stripes from head down to toes
He’s Stumpy by name, but not stumpy by height
He’s stumpy of tail, which he wags with delight